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■ i- 

MM ■ 

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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

&7a6/ey of (jontent& 


I 1 

[■■ ill 


L Si 





Letter From the Board of Trustees 


Dedication to the President 


Royal Court 
















Clubs & Organizations 


Greek Organizations 






University Life and People 


Year in Review 


Letter from the Editor 





March 24, 2006 

ln to Book «f Eccte^eP „ ^ teUs us ^ there 

rS-OT^ ""' " '^ '° ^ ■ 1 University, 1 have a sense of 

laugh, a time Memorial umversny, visi onary 

and great leader, will .» J ^ you have paid yo 

^dTSre^omajobweUdone. have served together. Your 

^dedication and service to rw— . „ is my 

Hi . — -sks STJttT- - - ■ - * - 



« Roard of Trustees 

• u „m he so fortunate to serve w 

P.S. Every Board Chair should be 

for the journey. ~~" 

2 New DIrectIon, New OppoRTLNmEs 

£7l?<yA/i</Ats and ^ /ccomfe/is/imesits of 

Q}/\ ^///se/*t S. tSmtt/is ^c/ministiHitimi 

at &FtoiHc/a <J$femoiHaf c llnithei*siti/ 

(May 15, 1995 -June 30, 2006) 

• Improved the campus physical plant with a $20,856,000 construction and renovation 
program that includes the following facilities: 

- The Student Services Building 

- The Smith Conference Center/Dining Hall 

- The Florida International University/Florida Memorial College (FIU/FMC) 
Cooperative Building 

- The Lou Rawls Center for the Performing Arts 

- The Anderson and Bacon Service Center 

- The Harry T. Moore Baseball Facility 

• Initiated a beautification program that transformed the appearance of the campus; 

• Increased the percentage of faculty members holding terminal degrees from 33 percent in 
1993 to more than 75 percent in 2006; 

• Increased student enrollment from 1562 in 1993 to a high of 2260 in 2003; 

• Generated over $76 million in external financial support between the Fall of 1993 and the 
Spring of 2006; 

• Implemented the major "Rising to New Heights" Capital Campaign that raised over $30 
million in five years; 

• Expanded and enhanced the academic program to a level that enabled the institution to 
confer its first graduate degrees in the Spring of 2005; 

• Received a change in the institution's classification, resulting in Florida Memorial College 
becoming Florida Memorial University; 

Received institutional accreditation of the Division of Business Administration from the 
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs; 

• Received institutional accreditation of the Teacher Education Program from the National 
Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); 

• Received reaffirmation of institutional accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the 
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS); and 

• Reduced the student financial aid loan default rate from 30.9 percent in 1993 to 8.8 
percent in 2004. 


New DiRECTioiM, New OppoRTUNmEs 5 





' m | ^i _ 






andice Trim, 
icques Wrigh 

IV and 

iss nomecoming: rsancy uoursiquo 
Senior Escort: Hughron Chase 
Miss Senior: Lavern Martin 
Miss FMU: Candice Trim 
SGA President: Jacques Wright 

Kiss Freshman: Danielle Bradford 
eshman Escort: Xavier Brice 
Miss Junior: Kemba Marcano 
funior Escort: Ian Dixon 

Wright, Provost crown new Miss FMU. 

6 New DjrectJon, New Opportunities 


mrades: Leona 
rtaynes, Keith Mo 
Carmen Rollc. 

New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 7 


Albert E. Smith, Ph.D. 


Karl S. Wright, Ph.D. 

Executive Vice President 
and Provost 

Mrs. Pamela Tennell 

Interim Director for Information 
Management and Technology 

Harold R. Clarke, Jr., Ph.D. 

Vice President for Student Affairs 

Barbara J. Edwards, D.B.A. 

Vice President for 
Institutional Advancement 

EeRoy Summers, Jr., M.B.A. 

Vice President for Business 
and Fiscal Affairs 

8 New DIrection, New OppoRTUNmES 


Gary Parker, B.S. 

Director of Facilities Management 
and Plant Operations 

Robert B. Ingram, Ph.D. 

Assistant to the President 
for Urban Affairs 

Mrs. Valerie Williams, B.S. 

Executive Assistant to the 

Marty R. Pinkston, Ed.D. 

Director for Governmental 
and Public Affairs 

Mary A. O'Banner, Ph.D. 

Special Assistant to the 


Langston (Trey) Coleman, Ph.D. 

Director for Grants and 
Sponsored Research 

Mrs. Patricia Carter 

Director of Church Relations 

New DiRECTioN, New OppoitTUNmEs 9 


Dr. Idriss Abdoulaye 
Dr. Kcisha Abraham 
Johnnie Adams 
Dr. Lynette Atteloney 
Dr. Adela Beckerman 

Dr. Berry 

Dr. Jacques Bonefant 
Dr. Norma Brady 
Dr. Denise Callwood 

Dr. Carlos Canas 

Malou Carswell 
Dr. Lincoln D. Chandler 
Dr. H. K. Chaudhari 
Wayne Christensen 
Dr. Carrol Christian 

Pricilla Dobbs 
Michael Douglas 
Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis 
Dr. William Ebot 
Dr. Richard Eldridge 

Dr. Abbass Entssari 
Dr. Robert Fels 
Dr. Robert Haynes 
Lilia Hogges 
Callue Hunter 

Dr. Rita Koyame 
Dr. Robert Labadie 
Dr. Thelma Lawton 

10 New Direction, New OppoRTUNmES 


Dr. Mallory Lee 
Dr. Suzette Leftwich 
Dr. Aida Leon-Rivera 
Dolores Lewis 
Dr. Ying Liu 

William Lucky 
Curtis Marshall 
Dr. Elaine Marshall 
Artemis Maryannakis 
Gwendolyn Massaquoi 

Dr. Abigail Mobley 
Ken Morrison 
Dr. Earl Niles 
Dr. Christine Nucci 
Peter O. Nwankwo 

Lucy Osemota 
Gloria Oswald 
Dr. Kimberly Pellegrino 
Dr. Robert Pellegrino 
Dr. Debra Perkins 

Dr. William Perry 
Dr. Alfred Pinkston 
Dr. Alvin Pondexter 
William Rankin 
Dr. Audley Reid 

Dr. Claire Michelle Rice 
Dr. Tamar Franchette Riley 
Dr. Gwendolyn Robinson 

Dr. Marilyn J. Ross 
Tawnicia Ferguson Rowan 
Dr. Paula Marie Seniors 

New DiRECTioN, New Opportunities 1 1 




ar' " 

f *'• 












t s 




Nicole Yarling 

Dr. Betty Bigby Young 

Dr. Abbas Hassan Zadegan 

Dr. Jesse Silvergate 
W. Ruth Sims 
Dr. John Slack 
Robert Smith 
Sadie B. Smith 

Dr. Thomas E. Snowden 
Lola Spence-Ward 
Dr. Robert Steinhoff 
Dr. Edward Stephenson 
Dr. Rose Stiffin 

Dr. Robert Strain, Jr. 
Jauquina Sturdivant 
Dr. Jerome Symonette 
Dr. Dimitri Tamalis 
Peter Taylor 

Dr. Rose Thevenin 
Dr. Sandra Thompson 
Dr. Sarah Umphress 
Dr. Huston Usry 
Josefino Villanueva 

Patricia Warren 
Mel White 
Aleatha Wiggins 
Dr. Mary Williams 
Dr. Ben Wongsaroj 

12 New DJrectJon, New Opportunities 



Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis, Director 

Hillary J. Hixon, Program Coordinator 

Juliette Dixon, Peer Advisor 

Christopher Hanna, Peer Advisor 

Ivy Lewis, Peer Advisor 

Charitee Symonette, Program Assistant 


Ethel L. Johnson, Switchboard Operator 

Valerie A. Williams, Executive Assistant to 
the President 

Vansella R. Mincy, Secretary 


Alphonso Burnside, Director of 
Administrative Support Services 

Merlin Joseph, Manager of Inventory Control 

Ronald Allen, Stock Clerk 

AdMissioNS OfficE 

Peggy Martin, Charlene Blades, Treon Cummings, Trevor Lewis, 

Kamilah Moss, Lenora Edwards, Cheryl Lacey, Laraine McCallum, 

Roosevelt Rolle 

New DiiiECTioN, New OppoirriiNiTiEs If 



Dr. Raymond E. Cain Jr., 
Director of Aviation 

Ginette Vaval, Secretary 

Bursar's OfficE 

Archie L. Mobley Bursar 

Nancy Summers, Assistant Bursar 

Katrina Blue, Cashier 


AtWetjc Department 

1st Row: Pete Taylor, Dr. Abigail Mobley, Robert Smith, Damain 
Alexander, Jeffery Elliott, Robert Hooker 

2nd Row: Reggie Thomas, Kenny Bellinger, Christopher Garcia, 
Kamila Moss, Brenda Ausborn, Roosevelt Richardson Jr., Kenneth 


3rd Row: Felecia Henderson 


LeRoy Summers, Jr. 

Vice President for Business 

and Fiscal Affairs 

Sonianna Anderson, 
Administrative Assistant 

Delores Joseph, Accounts Payable Manager 

Christopher Nwamah, Assistant Controller 

Chenique Crues, Staff Accountant 

Alain Decade, Accounting Assistant 

Willie D. Kemp, Controller 

14 New Direction, New Opportunities 


Campus MiiNisTRy 

Florida Memoria 

Susie C. Holl 
Religious Cen 

A.D. 1982 

Rev. Newton Fairweather, Campus Minister 
Antonia Wilson, Chapel Music Coordinator 

CouNSEl.Nq Center 

Dr. Woodrow Wilson, Director 

Candace Hamilton, Counselor 

Phyllis Days, Counselor 

Nelda Nunez-Cortes, Office Manager 

Paul Regis 

DuplicATioN Center 

Trevor Walker, Manager 
Marielisa Moise, Clerk 

Career DeveIopment 

Athena Jackson, Director 

Sheryl Hampton-Bain, Secretary 

Steven Davis, Work Experience 
Program Coordinator 


Dr. Mary A. O'Banner, Speical 

Assistant to the President and 

Exceutive Director of the FMU 

Foundation, Inc. 

Rachel Turner, Adminisrative 

New DiitECTioiM, New Opportunities 1 5 



FInancjaI Aid 

Back Row: Priscilla Dobbs, Dr. Gwendolyn 
Robinson, Angela Williams 

Front Row: Mirlande Registre, 
Dr. Mildred Berry, Eugenia Cole-Russell 

Samuel Gaskins, Data Entry Clerk 

Mavelyn Greenlee, Administrative Assistant 

Frances Gray, Loan Default Coordinator 

Henry DeGraff, Financial Officer 

Brian Phillip, Director of Financial Aid 

Kozman Stroman, Loan Coordinator 

Gloria Penn, Financial Aid Officer 

Tomasina Scott, Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Faye Rodney, Crop Coordinator, Financial Aid Office 


Top Row (1-r): Gary Parker, 
Gregory Cooper, Michael Adderly 
Melvin Eaton, Darcy Cobb, 
Montavis Cooper, Dwayne Tucker. 

Row 2: Kenneth Graham, Jazaces 
Hall, Christopher Clarke, Willie 
Oliver, Arthur Young, Yvette 
Smith, Willis Oliver, Angela Pack. 

Row 3: Fernando Anderson, 
Shirley Coats, Mark Brooks, 
Travis Dismuke, Kenneth Allen, 
Melvin Clark, Peralte Carpentier. 

Row 4; Cheri Dietrich, Kenneth 
Douglas, Layclyde Douglas, 
Sylvester White, Walter Robinson, 
Solange Dorvilus. 

Not Pictured: Reggie Bloom 
(Director), Aaron Alvin, Michael 
Albert, Emmanuel Banks, Joseph 
Barthelemy, Artis Bloom, Fitzroy 
Bernard, Dwight Footman, 
Leonard Flowers, Christopher 
Friginette, Andrew Hallmon, 
Willie Hill Jr., Kelvin Humphries, 
Anthony McDaniel, Joseph 
Phillips, Patrick Robinson, 
Gwindie Shaw & Herman Waller. 

16 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 


Freshmen StucHes 

Carla King-Crockett, 
Academic Advising Coordinator 

Sidra Sargent, Secretary 

Edward Williams, Skills Lab Coordinator 

Curtis Marshall, 
Academic Guidance Counselor 

Andre Hall, Office Assistant 

Gary Harris 

Rabie Harris 

HospiTAliiy Servjces 
& SchEduliNq 

Yvonne Baskin Bendross, Director 

IntramuraI SpORTS 

Freshmen Year Experjence 

Top Row (1-r): Roderick Keith, Kerinda Warner, Sharifa Connor, 
Patrice Matthew, Donnis Samuel, Sidra Sargent,Secretary, Kevin West 

Bottom Row (1-r): Lavern Martin, Guerdy Jean, Antonia Wall, Denyssa 
David, Janelle Williams, June Hunter-Callue, Director 

Grants & SpoNSOREd Research 

Paula Nelson, Secretary 

Dr. Langston (Trey) Coleman, Director 

Janelle Williams 

Carlatta Anderson, Director 

New DiREctioN, New OppoRTUNmES 17 



Shaun Wolfe, Ebonuie Raspberry, Elvis Padron, Pamela Tennell, 
Alison Punch, Winston Aiken-Cole 


1st Row: Walter Hale, Director 
of Alumni Affairs; Dr. Marty R. 
Pinkston, Director of 
Governmental and Public 
Affairs; Dr. Barbara J. Edwards, 
Vice President for Institutional 
Advancement; Patricia 
T.Carter, Director of Church 
Relations; Cory Witherspoon, 
Director of Development 

2nd Row: April Chandler- 
Thomas, Campaign Office 
Manager; Greta Samuels, 
Secretary of Public Affairs; Etta 
Kelly, Photographer 

3rd Row: Carla Green, 
Secretary of Church Relations; 
Joyce Forchion, 
Communications Coordinator 
for Governmental and Public 
Affairs; Joan Redd, 
Administrative Assistant for 
Institutional Advancement; 
Natalie Knight, Secretary of 
Alumni Affairs; Verna 
Robinson, Alumni Affairs 

18 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 


Liorsi's Shop CAfE 

AV. -, ' r'f- ■■■**•». Mi';.- * J 

Front Row (1-r): Nicola Cooper - Assistant Manager. Sherline Joachim - Auxiliary Services Assistant 
(Student), Carrita Cooley - Cafe Clerk (Student), Tareva MacCray - Cafe Clerk (Student), Renee Williams 

- Cashier (Student) 

Back Row (1-r): Hopeton Anderson - Director Auxiliary Services, Peter Shaw - Auxiliary Services 
Coordinator, Marc Douglas - Auxiliary Services/Shipping Clerk (Student), Patrice Mark - Lion Shop & 
Cafe Assistant (Student), Keith Jackson - Auxiliary, Services/Shipping Clerk, Magalie Ripert - Textbook Buyer 

Absent: Frankie Owens- Cashier/Clerk, Judith Soto - Cafe Assistant, Georgette Pierre-Louis - Cafe Clerk 

Nathan W. CoLLier LibRARy FAcutry Ai\d StaFF 

1st Row: Gloria Oswald, W. Ruth 
Sims, Sadie B. Smith, Jauquina 

2nd Row: Maria Rodriguez-Ruiz, 
Carolyn Mosley, Michael Dysart, 
Rosa Dominquez, Sadie Reyes 

3rd Row: Reuben Hunter, Keith 
Webb, Pomona Seay Cheryl 
Wilcher, Desmond King 

New DiREcrioN, New OppoRTUNmES 1 9 


Lou Raw/Is Center For PERfoRiwiNq Arts 


Patricia Warren, Director 

Paula E. Powell, Administrative Assistant 

Sean Long, Student Intern Director 

Jessica Singleton, Student Assistant 

Kareem Coney, Coordinator of BMCEP 

Laura Joseph, Secretary of BMCEP 

Faye Rodney, CROP Coordinator 

Robert Turner, COMPACT Coordinator 



Cheryl Phillip, 

Felicia McRae, 
Purchasing Agent 

REsidENTiAl LiFe 

(1-r) S. Cunningham, Victoria Harris, Pamela Grey, 
Lelia Allen-Efford, Winifred Jones, Angelique Goodridge 

REsidENTJAl Life CounseIors 

(1-r): Carolyn Green- Residence Hall 
Director, Robinson Hall; Jacklan 

Alexander- Director; Joyce Powell- 
Secretary; (standing): Paul T B. 
Hemphill- Assistant Director 

20 New Directjon, New Opportunities 

Carl Hawkins, Antwoin Robinson, Gus Nero, 
Austin williams, Max St. Juste 






Dr. Harold R. Clarke, Jr., Vice 
President of Student Affairs 

Lois Johnson, Administrative 

Shelton Allwood, 

StucIent SuppoRT Servjces 
AdvisoRy CouNcil 

Joaquin Dagou 

Crystal Tobe, President 

Tynikia Esperance, Secretary 

Julitte Dixon 
Argerine Williams, Advisor 

StucJent PubliCATJONS 

Sharhonda Ford, 

StucIent HeaIt^ Servjces 

l^^k WL^_ 



nrrm 1 


DM ^~^.*H 


Dr. Patricia Seabrooks, Director 

Scarlett Conway, Nurse Manager 

Veronica Ricketts, Administrative Assistant 

StucIent SuppoRT Servjces 

Mary Green, Counselor 

Shelia J. Boone, Counselor 

Mason Robinson, Psychology Intern 

Argerine Williams, Director 


Dr. Robert B. Ingram, 
Assistant to the 
President for 
Urban Affairs 

New direction, New Opportunities 21 


ENioR CIass of 2005 


Th e »e Has come thatwe ^^^^ , 

Sd during this chapter of yo^* to n£d f0I a re ,son. 

times and some ^ »^bn - Y ^ ^ ^ now um e to 

■-■• fnr the time you have spent here. 

u Wued here will help you out there. 
Reflect, lor the things you have learned 

Liv e, for your hfe is about to truly begh, 
Succeed, because there's no other way 

Return, for your 

And finally- .. 
work for this institution 

doesn't end at graduation. 

And so 1 say to 

you, Class of 2005 

.2006, be of great eheer because 


Senior Class President 

22 New DinECTioiM, New Opportunities 

Seinjok Cass oj 2 

r r 


Samuel Adeboga Adedoja Marteng Adolphe Marlese Ambrose Renee Ambrose 


-^^fl^fl ^^^_ 


! -»■- .«r» | 


Nykea Anderson Stephanie Y. 


Eldira Backford Loletha Baker 

Irving Barrington Nekeisha Shirley Bens Hedwig Berthold Dwayne Blanden 


Robert Blount Shirna Boland Crisha Bowen 

Patrice Boyce 


New DiREcrioN, New Opportunities 27 



r r 

1 I ) 

DJ 1 



Terrell D. Brown Vivienne Brown Natalie Bruce 



Tonya Bush 

Erika Carazo Hughrohn Chase Mario Chaoui Donel Cherelus 

Patricia Chester Edma Clerizier Melissa Cohen Kayghia Collie Carolyn Collins 

Sherrica Cressor Darius Dasent Denyssa David Michelle Dawson Ayanna Duncan 

24 New DjrectIon, New OppoRTUNmEs 

Sep] J or 


or 1 


Rosie Dupre 



Ayanna Facey 


Aurora Flores Monickia Fresby Daisy Gates Constance Gayle Julio Giron 

Makeda Gleaton 


Glena Gray Dorinda Hamm Khalid Hanna 

Laurice Harris Royel Haynes Wanda Herring Mary Hicks 


New DiREcrioN, New Opportunities 25 


r r 

1 I ) 

or 1 



Osi Iyalomhe 


Alexia James Charo James Jeremiah James 

Guerdyjean Hervensjean Sherline Joachim Secara Johnson Chelsea Jones 

Llavron Jones Kimberly Jordan Linda Jordan Cedieu M. Joseph Katrina Kelly 

Duane Lawrence Pamela Layton Kerline Lazarre Richard Leach Ivy N. Lewis 


5ei x jjor Cass or 2 

r r 



Trevor Lewis 

Elsie Louis 

Maidelin Lugo Kemba Marcano Patrice Mark 

Lavern Martin Bonnie Maya Kayla McClain Tabatha McClain Amaria McClure 

Ereatha C. 


Tinika Mclntyre Tanya McKoy 

Tamika Miller Rhevelle Mitchell Sherrese Moise Eugena Morley 

Tiya Means 

Richard N. 
Morris Jr. 

New Direction, New Opportunities 



r r 

1 ' ) 

Of 1 



Dilys J. Murray 



Glennise Myers 


Alina Navarro 

Maria Orol 

Kadian Outar Khalila S. Outar Lawana Parrott 

Kerrin Phillip Gloria Pierce Melande Pierre Glenda Polycarpe Renee Porchman 

Reanna Dale Rampersad Paul Regis 


Shatawn Reid 


28 New DIrection, New OppoimiNrriEs 


ZJ £|N J OR 


r r 

1 f ) 

or 1 



Shaketha Ritchie Quweina Roberts 


Megan Robinson Dale Russell 

Chimere Smith Myriam Smith Tonya Smith Marcia Supria Merlin Sylvain 

Navarra Taylor Esther Thelusma Matthew Tisdol Steffany Trent Candice Trim 




or 1 



Eugenia Turner Ciana Ulysse 

Dianne Valdez Jose A. Vazquez Lenora Walker- 


Derecia Walkine Kerinda Warner Vivian Watts 


Eddie Williams 

Tammy Williams Derrick Wise Karun Wongsaroj Jacques Wright 

Junjors...CIass of 2007 

Omololu Akinsomisoye Kiesha Alexander 

Michael Alford 

Adam Andrews 



Arit Bassey 

Courtney Bethel 

Cynthia Allen 

- "«^** 

>U mM "* 

Herbert Bond 

Corey Anderson 

Dawntoya Bryant 

Indira Capron 

Paul Charles 

Nicole Clarke 

Jerry Clerveaux 

John Cozier 

Latesha Dames 

Suzie Dantinor 

Dulix Dieu Donne 

New DiRECTioiM, New Opportunities 71 

Junjors...CIass of 2007 

Carl Dixon 

Ian Dixon 


11 ^1 

mi ^7 

Pf ^^ 

f£*"^ Aimt* 


Wayne Farquharson Daniel Ferguson 

Marc Douglas 

Janet Fleming 




Carol Duarte 

Si ? 

Alyssa Forbes 

Darryl Efford 

Brandi Ford 

Lakita Foster 

Esther Fraser 

Sasha Gardiner 

9f* ffSf 

' t- 

> v 




Verna Gay 

Christabel Gbewonyo William Greene 

3 — " 


Mark Gruny 




jif ^ f 

JTV- .3 


Shawn-Pierre Hall Tramaine Harris 



Nelle Hughes 

72 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 

JuNioRs...CUss of 2007 

"^ "7 

,v -«<• ^3e 



l&fc " % 


Corinthian Inman Katrina Jackson 

Mackisha Jagrup 

Perry Johns 

Myria Johnson 

Ida Jones 

Erika Kendall 

Gregoryia Knowles 


w *~~- ^ 

\ —J 


Barbara Lewis 

Jennifer Lewis 

Danny Linton Jr. 

Kendra Major 

Xiomara Maldonado Mark McCray Jr. Micheline Michel-Dixson Keith Morren 

Jahan Johnson 

Halston Nelson 

Charise L. Norris Danielle "Dao" Odum Jessica Oliphant 

Nathanael Paul 

New DiRECTioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 77 

JuNioRs...CUss of 2007 

[ - a 


Chantel Pierre 

Kiesha Pierre 

Marie Pierre 

Nekehia Quashie Leonardo Rabathaly 

Martha Reina W. Carmon Rollejr. Brandon Sanders Michelle Shannon 

Anthony Shotwell 

Markia Simmonds Ashley Sparks Farrah Stanley 

"1 I 

j v^ <5vl 


Clifford Stephens Penny Sullivan 

Anthony Taft Kaivon Thompson 


Triston Thompson Latisha Tribble Sharia Trumpler Alisha Williams 

Corey Williams 

74 New Direction, New Opportunities 

SophoMOREs...CUss of 2008 

Joanne Andre 

Monica Arrington 

Andre Barney 

Tammie Bostic 

Juan Bowles 

Tashanta Brooks 

Dericka Bryant 

Danaldo Butler 

Theresa Campbell 


"""" , 







Theodore Bennett Deborah Bodden 

Alicia Brown 

Marie Cine 

Kelly Clayton 

Samantha Collins Jarrod Crawford Edkeshia Curling 


Angelica Curry 

Joaquin Dagou 

Lenia Davis 

Tania Desravines Kenrick Dunkley 

New DiREcrrioN, New Opportunities 55 

SophoMOREs...CUss of 2008 

La Quinta Ellis 

Tashoya Gayle 

Dana Hall 

Jahmal Fagan 


Lavetta Gray 

Christopher Hanna Natasha Henry 

Roderick Hopkins Teashonnda Hubbard Martesha James 



Dominique Gandy Cynthia Garcia 

Elizabeth Green Tasheena Griffith 

Lashunda Hill 

Janika Johnson 

Natalia Garcia 

Keturah Johnson 

Teal Jolivette 

Janet Jones 

Monherlie Joseph 

Vicky Joseph 

fb New DiRECTJON, New Opportunities 

SophoMORES...ClASS of 2008 


David Kindl 

Jahn King 

Nelda La France 

Yasmin Lesane 

Sean Long 

Carlon Lyons 

Keevon Maynard Chane Mercer-Grooms 

Michael Mitchell 

Frantz Muller 

m * '-^ a J ! 


Tonja Nixon 

Willie Nordelus 

Lashawn Oatman Bernice Oliphant 

Jasmine Peace 

Robert Pettegrew II 

Marlicia Lewis 

Dannie Pickard 

Shirlise Rivera 

Gareece Roberts 

Adi Robles 

Nadege Saint-Juste 

New DiRECTioiM, New OppoRTUNmEs 57 

SophoMORES...ClASS of 2008 

Tiffanie Salone 

ft- v " v "* 


1 v 


Bird Sanders 

Andrea Scott 

Douglas Scott 

Willie Shannon 

Le Roi Simmonds 

— m 

Amber Smith 

Heather Smith 

Laquita Smith 

Octavier Spencer 



Sk i_i':iM- • 

► \ "> 


lM n 


f ^i4 


Danyel Thomas 

Eric Thomas Jr. 

Jewa Tyler 

Chardeline Vigne 

Antonia Wall 

Latasha Watkins 

Leslie Watson 

Peyton Whitfield Donald Williams 

Jekita Williams 

Niketa Williams Kaleatha Wimberly 

78 New Directjon, New Opportunities 

FresIhmen...CIass of 2009 

Danielle Adams 

Leticia Bodden 

Chevan Arnette 

Stacey Banks 



Edwin Barr 

LaDonna Beal 

Lozando Bogle 

Danielle Bradford William Bradwell 

Xavier Brice 

Darnell Brunner 

Timothy Burden 

Dimetri Byron 

Jazzlyn Caba 

Richard Celestin 

Kenney Cenat 

Jealine Cherilus 

Mayra Cini 

Janelle Clarke 

Annika Cooke 

Yolanda Cooper 

Ryan Cornwell 

Regine Daceus 

Kiaunte Davis 

Tyne Davis 

New DiRECTioN, New Opportunities 59 

FREshMEN...ClASS of 2009 

Rickiee Dowe Melissa Duverneau Christina Ellis 

Rishawn Evins 

Tito Fritz 

— I 

Kevin Ellis 

Antwan Evans 

Marie Facey 

Oprah Ferguson 

Daniel Fransko 

Sasha Frett 

Latonya Gibbs Emmanuel Gilbert 

Hopelyn Gray 

Josie Green 

Marcus Green 

Rachel Greene 

1 ^gn 

W m 


Ibelka Guzman Stephanie Hailey Robyn Hairston 


Katrina Hamilton Milton Hampton Jr. Mikal Hemans 

Yvonne Hinton 

Robert Holloway 

40 New Direction, New Opportunities 

FresIhivien. ..CIass of 2009 

Sparkle Jack 

Nicole Jackson 

Nyaisha Jackson 

Janae Jacobs 

Julian Jaggon 

Julie Lafleur 

Carissma Lightbourne Jeremia Madrigal Cher Rail Mason 

Cris Mathurin 

Walkendy Maxend Tareva McCray 

Denise Menter 

Elizabeth Michel Anaquaniese Miller 

La qui via Miller 

Rhonda Mitchell 

Marcia Mordan 

Diego Moreno 

Keyanna Morris 

New DiREcrioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 41 

FREshMEN...ClASS of 2009 

K \ 

Michelle Mota 

Sheria Murray 

Rosalynn Mytil 

Deckonti Naklen Damiola Olatunde 

Alexandra Pierre Bessie Radcliffe Sheona Ravenell Christopher Regins Steve Robert 

a r— i 

Abed Saintphard 

Teara Salis 

Tameika Samms 

Luis Santiago 

Jessica Scott 

I V 

Millicent Scott 

Camille Sharpe Demetria Sherman 

Erica Simmons 

Thomas Simmons 

Shanda Smallwood Michael Smith 

Ashley St. Jean Natacha St. Sauveur Charles Sutton 

42 New DIrection, New Opportunities 

FREshMEN...ClASS of 2009 

Sierra Sweeting 

Darrus Tennant 

Reginal Thomas 

Tavarris Wade 

Kenroy Walker 

Deja Wallace Shonta Washington Shaun Wedlowe 

Jaykelia Weston 

Nick White 

Paris Whitehurst 

Javon Wiggins 

Charday Williams Gary Williams-Siggers Joshua Woodley 

Keisha Wright 

Leatrice Wright 

Beulah Yogi Jammie Zimmerman 

New DiREcrioN, New Opportunities 47 







jjsj StucIent Government Association 

What m J&A& 

The Florida Memorial University Student Government Association serves as the official repre- 
sentative and liaison between the students and the administration. The SGA throughout the 
year, which monitors all student government, sponsors a variety of campus activities. 

(5W c ^Eiuftose 

The Student Government Association is an organization that works for you, the student. Every 
enrolled student, as defined by the regulations of this University, is a member of the SGA and 
shall have a vote therein. Our goal is to encourage continuous exchange of ideas between stu- 
dent, faculty, and administration. SGA works together in order to foster an atmosphere where 
your needs and concerns are addressed. 

We will endeavor to maintain a function student government whose primary focus is to allow 
your voice, to be heard. Our purpose is to assist you in growing academically, socially, and spir- 
itually, so that you may realize your potential and attain your goals or dreams. In conjunction 
with these purposes, we will: 

• Promote active, responsible, and cooperative citizenship through participation in self-government. 

• Promote social experiences through non-academic activities in harmony with individual 
interests, recognized needs and in support of the goals of SGA. 

• Promote a close intellectual, social, and spiritual relationship within the university family. 

44 New Djrectjon, New Opportunities 

AlphA Chi Honor SociETy 

Alpha Chi is a co educational academic honor society. Since 1922 its purpose has been to promote academic excel- 
lence and exemplify character among college and university students and to honor those who achieve such distinc- 
tion. Alpha Chi is the highest honor society at FMU because of its selective requirement, which is extended only 
to junior and seniors with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5 and above. 

AlphA KAppA Mu Honor SociETy 

Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society was 
founded on November 26, 1937 at 
Tennessee A&I (now Tennessee 
State University) in Nashville. The 
purpose of Alpha Kappa Mu was to 
promote high scholarship, encour- 
age sincere and zealous endeavor in 
all fields of knowledge and service, 
to cumulate a high order of person- 
al living, and to develop an appreci- 
ation for scholarly work and 
endeavors in others. 

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iijf AMbAssAdoR C^oraIe 


■ '■ N 




Sopranos and Altos 

Ashley St. Jean 

Dasney Joseph 

Crystal Tobe 

Diamond Jackson 

Erica Simmons 

Erica Carswell 

Ariel Studivant 

Daisy Gates 

Andrea Cargill 

Bernice Oliphant 

Josie Green 

Laquinta Ellis 

Dorothy Wildman 

Camille Comas 

Teneshia McCalla 

Danielle Branford 

Leila Farquharson 

Kimberly Dawson 

Jahan Johnson 

Christina Ferguson 

Ditza Downs 

Tenors and Bass 

Nicole Clarke 

Jheanelle Nelson 

Kenroy Walker 

Megan Jackson 

Dencil Rolle 

Shawn Smith 

Indira Capron 

Diandra Armbrister 

Xavier Brice 

Danielle Odom 

Janine Woodard 

Samuel Bellamy 

Natalia Garcia 

Megan Eusebe 

Michael Mitchell 

Cassandra Rolle 

Tachika Barney 

Jermaine Butler 

Carissima Lightbourne 

Maika Faustin 

Michael Johnson 

Geonese Nairn 

Phylicia Stuart 

JohnNathan Graham 

Carlisa Wright 

Beverley Fernandez 

Jason Perry 

Dorcas Bayoro 

Alvatera Ferguson 

Cedric Slack 

Nekeia Foster 

Dasney Joseph 

Vernon McCray 

Olyvya Kelly 

Tania Senior 

Willie Shannon 

Tiffany Smith 

Khonica Prosa 

Andre Barney 

Nadia Dossous 

Patrell Carey 

Matthew Tisdol 

Sonia Accious 

Kimberly Robinson 

Leon Davis 

Christina Ellis 

Sharika Lampkin 

Mark Williams 

Timberley Sapp 

Jessica Smith 

Robert Shaw 

Sierra Sweeting 

Rachel Greene 

Carl Dixon 

Oprah Ferguson 

Meslyn Allen 

Jacob Webster 

Amber Smith 

Alyssa Forbes 

Joshua Wade 

Shakeliah Thompson 

Jemelia Pope 

Luis Santiago 

Latioya Prince 

Kelly Clayton 

Darryl Efford 

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ATP: Power ancI MjncI 



Shakenio 'Bob' 
Feb. 2 nd 1983- 
April 12 th 2005 
passed away 
after losing a 
battle against a 
rare form of 

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CARibbEAN InternatjonaI 
StucIent AssociATioN 

Club HaM 1804 

(l-r) Mr. Henry Degraff (Advisor), 
Sharline, Trisha Durosier, Sonia Accius 
(Senator), Myriam Smith, Donel Sherelus 
(Treasury), Alix Boursiquot (President). 

Club Haiti 1804 was founded in 1996 by 
Roland Michel. The main goal of this 
organization was and still remains the same 
today, to represent the Haitian culture and 
educate its members and the rest of the 
student body about our rich culture, histo- 
ry and our traditions. Our Objectives is to 
differentiate the Haitian culture among 
others by separating the facts and fiction 
about the Haitian culture, and also show 
how beautiful and creative our culture is. 

Future EcIucators of Amerjca 

Future Educators of America (FEA) is a national 
organization tat exists on the elementary, middle, high 
school, and college level. For colleges, FEA expands 
the pool of applicants to teacher education programs 
and provides early identification of potentially excel- 
lent future teachers. Florida Memorial University has 
been a nationally recognized FEA chapter since 2001. 

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CmMJNAl Justjce SociEiy 

DeIta Mu DeIta 
Busjness Honor SociETy 

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society in business administration whose purpose is to encourage higher 
scholarship and to recognize and reward scholastic achievement in business administration programs. To become 
a member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, students have to complete at least 36 credit hours of business cours- 
es, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher, and be at the top 20 percent of their class. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rita Koyame; Members: Charo James, Crisha Bowen, John Cozier, Karun Wongsaroj, 
Louann Samuel-Nealy Nekeisha Bascombe, Patrice Mark, Reanna Ramkhelawan, Secara Johnson, Shauna 
Humphrey, Shirna Boland. 

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jsj FiRST LAdy LacHes 




Honors PRoqRAM 

The First Lady Ladies is a service 
organization comprised of young 
women of high moral character and 
good standing, which by virtue of 
its name will represent the ideals of 
the position of the First Lady of 
Florida Memorial University. The 
goals of the organization are to pro- 
mote leadership, build integrity and 
assist young ladies in becoming 
goodwill ambassadors, as they 
develop to a level of maturity that 
will positively propel them to be 
outstanding citizens. 

> J 

■ -,\ . 

•J' ,,'i ^*T -, *♦. fm ^+g ^ . f^f 

50 New DirectIon, New Opportunities 

GospEl ChoiR 

Executive Board: President- Kendra Major, Vice-President- Joseph Vertil Jr., Business Manger- Jahmal 
Fagan, Assistant Business Manger- Jerrica Wynn, Secretary- Saliyma Ramsey, Assistant Secretary- 
Latasha Watkins, Chaplin- Bernice Oliphant, Assistant Chaplin- Shawn Pierre-Hall, Miss. Gospel Choir- 
Jessica Oliphant, Mr. Gospel- Cecil Tipton Jr., Senator- Veidra Brown, Assistant Senator- Trisha 
Dorosier, Sergeant at Arms- Vontae Brown, Shawn Pierre-Hall, Joseph Vertil, Sectional Leaders- Rueben 
Johnson, Veidra Brown, Alisha Williams, Directors- La' kisha Scoot, Alisha Williams. 

Sopranos: Jerrica Wynn, Karan Price, Sasha Frett, Shawn Pierre-Hall, Nekeia Foster, Alisha Williams, Jessica 
Oliphant, La'Kisha Scott, Indira Capron, Candi Collier, Christina Ellis, Kimberly Robinson, Juliette Wimbley 
Tasheena Griffith. Altos: Attallah Wilcox, Veidra Brown, Vontae Brown, Saliyma Ramsay, Michelle Pope, Latsha 
Watkins, Kendra Majors, Cerys Howell, Cythinia Allen, Lunetra Tafy, Mable Inman, Shanda Smallwood, Jamie 
Zimmerman, Lashanda Hill, Elizabeth Green, Raclina Conway, Norrisa Nelson, Stacey Banks, Sasha Gardiner, 
Nykea Anderson, Melissa Duvemeau, Regine Daceus, Demetria Sherman. Tenors: Cecil Tipton Jr., Joseph Vertil 
Jr., Rueben Johnson, Jontavious Pruitt, Jahmal Fagan, Jason Perry, John-Nathan Graham, Javier Mass , 
Christopher Hanna, Gerald Oliphant, Brandon Hamilton, Travious Reynolds, Rishawn Evins, Xavier Brice, 
Sammuel Randel, Phillip Poiter Jr. 


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Jamajca StucIent AssocIatjon 

IJon's TaIe 

Sharhonda Ford, Advisor 
Nathanael Paul, Editor-in-Chief 
Tramaine Harris, Entertainment Editor 
Ida Jones, Media Relations 
Sharon Thomas, Staff Writer 
Sandra Bodden, Staff Writer 
Nick White, Support Staff 

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M Phi C is an organization founded at Florida Memorial University in 1992. Men of Character is dedicated to uplift- 
ing young black males by serving as examples in the community, mentoring the youth, visiting schools, working in 
conjunction with local agencies, and providing community service. We believe that our work and faith are what will 
make this a better world and we are wholly dedicated to this cause. If a young man's educational purpose is to be 
successful after graduation, he must learn how to get along with mankind. In no place is this lesson taught well than 
in the M Phi C Fraternal Organization. Many young men come to college with little or no experience in networking 
with other fellow men, so the main purpose of M Phi C is to teach networking and fellowship, developing personali- 
ty; mutual understanding, and appreciation by within the brotherhood. 

Lorenzo Reed(Advisor), Cannon Rolle(President), Akeem Simone (Vice-President), Titus Johnson (Parliamentarian), 
Sean Long(Secretary/Human Resources), Steve Sanders (Business Manager), Nick White (Treasurer/Director Of 
Fundraising), Theodus Times 11(5000 Role Model Liaison), Aaron Smith( Community Service Chairman), Travis 
Mayfield(Public Relations), Samuel Bellamy, Jactavias Gay, Johnathon Blanc, Sean Bullard, Timothy Burden, Rickiee 
Dowe, Tyrone Hall, Darran Johnson, Domonic Levison, Maurice Parks, Christopher Regins, Arthur Rodgers, Bradley 
Dunn, David Scott, David Starling, Charles Sutton, Bruce Wade, Shawn Wedlowe, Charlie Hunter. 

m i 


Guerdyjean- Chapter President, Joanne Andre- Vice President, Katrelle Staten- 
Secretary Olyvya Kelly- Treasurer, LeAndria Webb-Senate Representative, Ian 
Dixon- Alternate Senate Representative, Ayrick Goosby- Parliamentarian, 
Sesceria Weathers- Miss NAACP, Willie Shannon- Mr. NAACP. 

The Florida Memorial University 
chapter of the NAACP is poised to be 
the premier advocate for civil rights in 
our community conducting voter reg- 
istration drives, membership drives 
and monitoring equal opportunity in 
the public and private sectors. We are 
also primed to help increase the politi- 
cal awareness of all individuals associ- 
ated with the NAACP as well as wish 
to be associated with in the NAACP in 
the future. It is very important to us 
that we, the Florida Memorial 
University chapter of NAACP, convey 
the importance of the Black vote not 
only to those individuals on campus, 
but to our surrounding community. 

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< v 

Pre Law SociEiy 

54 New DIrection, New Opportunities 

Pre AluMisii CouncH 


Executive Board 


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gl PREsidENTiAl Jazz Ensem[)Ie 



L wj 

PresjcIent's Men 


96 New Direction, New OppoRTUNmES 

Sajnts on t^e Move foR ChmsT 

Saints on the Move for Christ, is 
an evangelistic campus ministry 
composed of students who believe 
in spreading and sharing the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ on our 
Campus and in our community. 

Sigma Tau Delta International English 
Honor Society, founded in 1924 at Dakota 
Wesleyan College in Mitchell, South 
Dakota, by Professor Judson Q. Owen. 
Sigma Tau Delta, International English 
Honor Society purpose is to promote 
interest in literacy and literature amongst 
the student population at Florida 
Memorial University and the surrounding 
community, also foster the discipline of 
English in all aspects, including the per- 
forming arts, creativity, and critical thinking. 

SteeI Pan 

Dr. Dawn K. Batson- Musical 
Director, Shenelle Abraham, 
Tricia Alexander, Paul Charles, 
Marc Douglas, Mandisa Edwards, 
Desari Howard-Gibbs, Carlon 
Lyons, Sherrese Moise, Collins 
Peters II, Iman Pascall, Le'Roi 
Simmonds, Kareem Thompson. 



SiqiviA Tau DeIta ENqlish SociEiy f^ 



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£a5Sl Theatre Guild 


A. u>, 




Marcus Lundy- Technical Director, 
Patricia Warren- Advisor, Janercia 
Canty, Ybelka Guzman, Tashanta 
Brooks, Sherrese Moise, Heather 
Smith, Sean A. Long, President of 
Theater Guild, Vontreal Willams, 
Arnold Veira, Ida Jones, Vicky 
Joesph, Nelda Lafrance. 



Natasha Schmidt, Jaynese 
Watson, Ornelle Wilson, Kyle La 
Motta, Joaquin Dagou, Kevin 
James, Kyle Rhymer, Leroy 
Thomas III, Michael Nicholson, 
Alex Caraballo, Nikia Fleming, 
Sharanda Cambridge. 

Women of Character 

Advisors: Mrs. Dancy Anderson, Mrs. Osbourne, Mr. Lorenzo Reed. Janine Woodard- 
President, Juliette Wimbley- Vice President, Chardeline Vigne- Treasure / Business Manager, 
Vanessa Bracetty- Secretary/ Ms. Women of Character, Joanne Andre- Senator, Mackisha Jagrup- 
Community Service Director, Sherline Joachim- Parliamentarian, Nekeia Foster- Dean of 
Pledges, Nykea Anderson- Assistant Business Manager, Monica Arrington, Violette Edmond, 
Krystal Cook, Christina Ferguson, Tameka Gaston, Elza Laurent 

The Women of Character 
Professional Sorority, Inc., was 
founded on January 14, 1996, 
at FMU. Founded through the 
Prestigious Professional 
Fraternity Men of Character, 
we exist to promote leadership 
and dedication at FMU, and 
are proud of our 10 years of 
excellence. The ladies of 
White and Gold are all out- 
standing members of the com- 
munity and the FMU family 
and are role models amongst 
their fellow peers. 

58 New Direction, New Opportunities 

TmNidAd & TobAqo AssocIatjon 

Executive Board: (1-r) Antonia Wall- Chaplain, Esther Fraser- Senator, Quweina Roberts- 
Business Manager, Keith Morren- President, Tricia Alexander- Treasurer, Dr. Carol 
Christian- Advisor, Dilys Murray- Secretary, (Back Row) Candice Trim- Miss Florida 
Memorial 2005-2006 and Adam Andrews- Vice President. 

Members: 1st row (1-r): Nicholas Ramsey, Keron Howe, Leslie-Ann Edwards, Tricia Alexander, Lindon Gomez, 
Rhevelle Mitchell, Nekehia Quashie, Marc Douglas, Michelle Trim; 2nd Row: Denyssa David, Patrice Boyce, 
Nekiesha Bascombe, Leonardo Rabathaly, Roma Sedano, Keisha Pierre, Janille Williams, Quweina Roberts, 
Glenise Myers; 3rd Row: Renee Ambrose, Chelsea Jones, McKensley Cox. Antonia Wall, Gillian Gill, Kemba 
Marcano, Keith Morren, Dilys Murray, Reyna Ambrose, Tammy Williams, Terrence Narinesingh, Lisa Irish; 4th 
Row: John Cozier, Esther Fraser, Mandisa Edwards, Renee Williams, Asha Brito. 

I * 


New Direction, New OppoRTtNmEs 59 

NatjonaI PanIheIIenjc CouncH 

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC) is currently composed of nine (9) International 
Greek letter Fraternities and Sororities: Alpha Phi Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Kappa Alpha 
Psi Fraternity, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Zeta 
Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.,. NPHC promotes 
interaction through forums, meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative 
programming and initiatives through various activities and functions. 

On May 10, 1930, on the campus of Howard University, in Washington DC, the National Pan-Hellenic Council 
was formed as a permanent organization with the following charter members: Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi 
Fraternities, and Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta Sororities. In 1931, Alpha Phi Alpha and 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternities joined the Council. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority joined in 1937 and Iota Phi Theta 
Fraternity completed the list of member organizations in 1997. 

The stated purpose and mission of the organization in 1930 was "Unanimity of thought and action as far as 
possible in the conduct of Greek letter collegiate fraternities and sororities, and to consider problems of mutual interest 
to its member organizations." Early in 1937, the organization was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois 
and became known as "The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated." 


IhV'l i 




It's the biggest Greek photo ever taken! The Greeks are back in numbers on campus. Whether it's exciting the crowd 
with their slick step moves; helping out in the community or mentoring to other youths, the Greeks are making their 
presence felt in a positive way. 

60 New DiitECTioN, New Opportunities 

AlphA KAppA AlphA 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 
Est. January 15, 1908 

Delta Eta Chapter 

Celebrating 52 years of Sisterhood and Service 

1954 - 2006 

Officers (1-r): Angel 
Robinson, Shancy 
Hanna, Eugena Morley 
Shantanika Carter. 
(Not Shown) Lateshia 
Mc Farland and Dale 

u ^^tftf^i/*/s coear tcae/iti/ /jea/^. 



New DiRECTioiM, New OppoRTUNmES 61 

KAppA AlphA Psi 

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 
Epsilon Mu Chapter 
Est. January 5, 1911. 

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded on the campus of Indiana University on January 
5, 1911. Originally charted and incorporated Kappa Alpha Nu on April 15, 1911, the name 
was officially changed to Kappa Alpha Psi on April 15, 1915. 
The Fraternity is predominantly African-American whose fundamental purpose is 
achievement. Kappa Alpha Psi seeks to train its membership, particularly undergraduates, for 
leadership roles in their respective communities and the attainment of a high degree of 
excellence in their academic pursuits. 

c {ylc/u eve/? tent in evew&fielct/ ofAuman enc/eaoof\ 


62 New Direx tjon, New OppoRTUNmEs 

AlphA Phi AlphA 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 

Delta Psi Chapter 

52 years of Service at Florida Memorial University 

1954 - 2006 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on December 4, 1906 on the campus 
of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. As the first ever Greek letter organization for African 
Americans the fraternity was a way for black students to maintain closer contact with each other, 
to support each other, and to be a shining example to their fellow man. Though time has passed 
the aims of the fraternity - Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for All Mankind - remain the 
same and to this day the men of Black and Ole Gold continue to be a living and driving force in 
fraternal life. In 2006 the fraternity celebrates 100 years of impacting individuals, uplifting lives 
and contributing to the community. The Delta Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 
Incorporated was founded on the campus of Florida Memorial University on April 24, 1954 and 
with the return of the ice cold Brothers to the campus in 2005 Florida Memorial University 
promises to stand out and be a force in the community. 

..i i 

, r i ^ -v ^ WW* I '•"- rH iL=r. B s. ■ , m --^m 


(l-r): Brian Phillip (advisor), Gerald Oliphant, Harry Marcelin, Ismail Joseph, Jacques Wright, 
Wyatt Payne III, Joel Gray III, Carl S. Dixon, Gary Marcelin, Shannon Sullivan, George Duncan 
(advisor), (back row - left to right) Arlan Augustin, Leon Bigsby Jerry Clerveaux (president), 
Darryl Efford, Danny Linton Jr., Hughrohn Chase, Paul Regis, Wayne Johnson, Justin Nicholas, 
Jamaal Mayberry 


New DiRECTiois, New Opportunities 65 

DeIta SiqMA ThETA 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. 
Est. January 13, 1913 
Zeta Tau Chapter 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. was founded on January 13, 1913 by 22 women at Howard 
University in Washington D.C. Their purpose is to utilize the collective strength of college 
women to promote academic excellence, community service and cultural enrichment. The 
founders envisioned an organization that would permit them to permit them to use their 
collective strengths to promote a high level of scholarship, and provide assistance to those less 
fortunate. There are chapters in the United States, Germany, Haiti, Liberia, the Far East and 
West Africa. Programs include Community Life center and mentor/tutorial programs. Famous 
Delta women include: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune- founder of the National Council of Negro 
Women, Shirley Chislom- first Black women elected to the House of Representatives, Carol 
Moosley-Braun- congresswoman, Lena Home- entertainer, Johnetta B. Cole- president of 
Spelman College, Dr. Betty Shabazz- educator, Ruby Dee- poet & actress, Nikki Giovanni- poet. 

(1-r): Soror Alstene Mckinney and Dr. Mildred Berry (Advisors), Loletha Baker #1, Tameka 
McLeod #11, Martha Edgecombe #13, Pamela Layton #14, Christina Fergusson #19, Janelle 
Williams #23, Lakeisha McFarlande #25, Stephanie Trent (Top) #28, Atallah Wilcox #33, Brenda 
Burse #38, Kamille Robinson #40. 

u £nee/ji/ig t/ie (jo/i/iect/o/i, £Btu'/c/i/u/ o/i 
t/ie (Bast, ^ocasma on tA& &faitu/ x &. 

64 New Direction, New OppoRTUNmES 

Phi Beta SiqMA 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 
Beta Pi Chapter 
Est. January 9, 1914 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on January 
9, 1914 by three young black male students. The founders Honorable. A. Langston Taylor, 
Honorable Leonard F Morse and Honorable Charles I. Brown wanted to organize a Greek-letter 
fraternity that would truly exemplify the high ideals of brotherhood, scholarship and service. The 
founders deeply wished to create an organization that viewed itself as "a part of the general 
community. They believed that each potential member should be judged on his own merits rather 
than his family background or affluence, without regard of race, nationality, color, skin tone or 
texture of hair. They wanted their fraternity to exist as a part of an even grater brotherhood- 
sisterhood which would be devoted to the "inclusive we" rather than the "exclusive we." 


"t/le/Hu/c/iiujf Innc/yes, to fanc/ye t/ie^a/? a 
6f € of/ie/</io<M/j &c/io/a/s$/tfe a/id se/w/ce. 

New DiRECTioN, New Opportunities 65 

Zeta Phi Beta 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. 
Est. January 16, 1920 
Iota Alpha Chapter 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. was founded on the simple belief that sorority elitism and socializing 
should not overshadow the real mission for progressive organization to address societal mores, 
ills, prejudices, poverty, and health concerns of the day. Zeta began as an idea conceived by five 
coeds at Howard University in Washington D.C. the most Honorable Arizona Cleaver, Myrtle 
Tyler, Viola Tyler, Fannie Pettie, and Pearl Neal, also known as our five pearls, dared to depart 
from the traditional coalitions for Black women and sought to establish a new organization 
predicated on the precepts of Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love, and Finer Womanhood. It was 
the ideal of the Founders that the Sorority would reach college women in all parts of the country 
who were sorority minded and desired to follow the founding principles of the organization. Since 
its inception, the sorority has chronicled a number of Firsts. Zeta Phi Beta was the first Greek- 
letter organization to charter a chapter in Africa (1948); to form adult and youth auxiliary groups; 
to centralize its operations in a national headquarters; and to be constitutionally bound sorority to 
a fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 

Over the years since the sororitys inception, Zeta Phi Beta has chartered hundreds of chapters and 
initiated thousands of women around the world. On April 6, 1942, Iota Alpha, the Florida 
Memorial chapter, was one of the hundreds. The members of Iota Alpha strive to continue the 
path lay before us by upholding our principles and shining a torch for elite few of the future. 


( ^7/te/ 1 c f Poma/t/wot/ 

66 New DiitECTioN, New Opportunities 


SiqiviA Gamma Rho 

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc 
Est. November 12, 1922 
Gamma Xi Chapter 

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated was founded on November 12, 1922 by seven 
young educators at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. By creating a sorority during 
time of racial, social, and economic unrest, these seven women laid the foundation for 
Sigma upon which they established love, sisterly understanding, and being in service to the 
community. Public service, leadership development, and education of youth are hallmark of 
the organizations program and activities. Sigma Gamma Rho addresses concerns that impact 
society educationally, civically and economically. 


Michelle Dawson- Basileus (President) 
Adeenaw Williams- Anti-Basileus (Vice- 
President)/Community Service Chair 
Michelle Shannon- Epistoleus (Secretary) 
Karla James- Tamiochus (Treasurer) 
Lisa Mader- Fundraising Chair 


- ^* 

"greater se/HHce*, ffreate/* /j/ t q^/ t es&. 


New DinECTioiM, New OppoRTUNmEs 67 

Iota Phi T^eta 

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. 


Est. 1963 

On September 19, 1963, at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University), 12 undergraduate 
men, Charles Briscoe, Charles Brown, Frank Coakley, Elias Dorsey Jr.; Charles Gregory, Albert 
Hicks, Louis Hudnell, Webster Lewis, John Slade, Lonnie Spruill, Michael Williams, and Baron 
Willis formed what is now fifth largest predominately African American Fraternity in the United 
Sates: Iota Phi Lheta Fraternity, Inc. Our founders were unique because they were non-traditional 
students and 3-5 years older the average college student. Some were married, some were veterans, 
and some even held full-time jobs while attending college to earn a degree. Lhis led to the concept 
of a "fraternity 11 that was vision . . .a vision of Iota Phi Theta. The motto of the fraternity is 
"Building on a Tradition, Not Resting on One. 11 

Jamal Sanders and Travoris "Po Key" Reynolds. 

ot /^esti/it/ (t/jo/f a/ie. 


68 New Direction, New OppoRTUNmES 

LAivibdA SiqMA UpsiloN 


Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. 

Founding Date: April 5, 1979 

National Headquarters: East Brunswick, NJ 

National Philanthropy: AIDS/HIV Awareness 

Nickname: LSU or Upsilons 

Colors: Baby Blue and White 

Cultural Identity Symbol: The Taino Indian 

Sisters: Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. 

Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. was founded on April 5, 1979 at the Livingston Campus of 
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. The basis of the fraternity was founded in 1978 when 
minority students, especially Latinos felt that they were not getting the attention that they deserved for their 
academic endeavors. So a group of Latino students formed college protests and sit-ins. Once this was 
established and the university administration seen their negligence, a group of Latino men came together 
and decided to start an organization that would help the Latino population on campus with their goals and 
give them a sense of a family away from home. So on April 5, 1979, 20 Latino men created Lambda Sigma 
Upsilon Latino Fellowship, Inc. Since the inception of this fellowship, we have changed to Lambda Sigma 
Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. With the baby blue and white in these 20 Latino mens eyes the future of the 
organization grew from one chapter to thirty-two chapters and spanning into seven 7 states. The office 
motto of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. is Latinos Siempre Unidos, Latinos Always United. 
Our goals are to contribute to and promote academic excellence among brothers and insure a degree. To 
promote cultural awareness as well as cultural diversity. To be role models to students of institutions of 
higher education and the community at large. Our national philanthropy is AIDS/HIV Awareness. The 
Tekesta Chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. has incorporated the Cystic Fibrosis 
Foundation as our chapter philanthropy. The reason this particular foundation was chosen because it 
took one of the founding brothers, Michael Pinto, cousins life. We are trying to help to fight this 
incurable disease. The dream became reality to three individuals that seen something in a fraternity and 
wanted to bring some cultural diversity to the campus of Florida Memorial College. These individuals 
are the Founding Brothers of the Tekesta Chapter, Julio Giron, Michael Pinto, and Randy Guzman. We 
are soon to be celebrating our third year anniversary at Florida Memorial University on October 26th. 
Please take a look at our National Website at or our chapter website at 


Andral Jean-Baptiste-President 
Julio Giron-Vice President 


ati/ios <Jie/n/j/ t e ^l/iu/os 


New DiRECTioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 69 

Gamma Beta Chi 

Gamma Beta Chi Service Fraternity, Inc. 
Observance Date: April 20, 1959 
Mascot: Black Panther 

Gamma Beta Chi National Service Fraternity, Inc. is a non-profit, African American founded, male 
organization whose history dates back to 1959 on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, 
Indiana. Our fraternity's lineage began from an idea, which was initiated by five distinguished 
Gentlement of Quality. These young visionaries had a desire to strive and instill not only service in 
the hearts of all collegiate young men, but new collegiate standards, in accordance with our 
fraternity's purpose: "To promote academic awareness, ethical standards, unity, and fellowship 
among college men therefore creating an effective and intelligent leadership in helping to alleviate 
social and economic problems through service projects within the community." 

a <Jieac/fimt £Ts/ia// f fi/ t eoai/, etc/via//*/ £F<s/ia// toi/i. 


KAppA t^eta SiqMA 

•' ■ J^ ' ■•■•■UV •»■■- ft, ' - Wl:'h *\ W f ^ l "M-»»>-.-»V. ^ 

is r^ &$ -Lj 

Kappa Theta Sigma Service Fraternity, Inc. 

70 New DiRECTJON, New Opportunities 

Cross Country 

Women's VollEybAlL 

Head Coach: Mae Sheriff 

2nd Season 

Florida International 


Women's Volleyball 
Team 2005 

Xiomara Maldonado 
Shakkia Plowden 
Jocelyn Glinton 
Natari Wright 
Karen Soza 
Jasmine McGregor 
Danielle Adams 
Kiesha Alexander 
Vanessa MacKay 
LaQuinta Ellis 
Kayla McClain 




New Direction, New Opportunities 71 

Women's BAskETbAll 

O Men's BAskETbAll 

Head Coach: 

Kenneth Marshall 

2nd Season 

Fort Valley State University 

Assistant Coach: 

Kamilah Moss 

1st Season / George 

College & State Univ. 

Women's Basketball 
Team 2005-06: 

LaQuinta Fllis, Makeda 
Gleaton, Sharia 
Trumpler, Courtney 
Jones, Sade Thebeau, 
Keisha Alexander, Tierra 
Daniel, LaTonya Brann, 
Victoria Johnson, Akilah 
Thomas, Latara King, 
Carol Duarte, Marissa 
Davenport, Kelyna Robin, 
LaShonda Armstrong. 

Head Coach: 

Kenny Bellinger 

3rd Season 

Florida Memorial University 

Assistant Coaches: 

Christopher Garcia, 3rd Season 
Reggie Thomas, 1st Season 
Pete Taylor, 1st Season 

Men's Basketball Team 2005-06: 

Sean Banks, Demitri Byron, Daniel 
Garcia, Wilkens Auguste, Tramaine 
Stevens, Joseph Taylor, Winfred 
Merilieri, Andre Beau ford, Perry 
Baggett, Josiah Perkins. 

72 New DIrection, New OppoRTUNiTics 

Women's Track & Field Team 2006: Zindzi Swan, Octavier Spencer, Vanessa Mackey, Yvanne Joseph, 
Cindy Lewis , Tasbena Clarke, Emily-Ann RodrigUez-Pinder, Amber Christian , Tavara Rigby, Janelle 
Clarke, Tamara Rigby, Treva Hutchinson, Ghamell Staples. 

Men's TracI< 

Men's Track & Field Team 2006: Raymond Holmes, Mikal Hemans, Timothy Burden, John Nathan 
Graham, Rickiee Dowe, Chattam Smith, 111, Charles Sutton, Ronado Simms, Juan Bowles, Grady Wright, 
Emmanuel Gilbert. 


New Direction/ New OppoRTUNiTiES 75 


Men's BASEbAll 

Head Coach: 

Robert E. Smith 
Lincoln University (PA) 
25th Season 

Assistant Coaches: 

Julio Rojo 
Robert Hooker 

Men's Baseball Team 
2006: Michael 
Nicholson, Fitzroy 
Williams^ Reynel 
Gonzalez, Michael Prats, 
Kyle LaMatta, Arned 
Mena, Leroy Thomas, 
Ernest W Hayes, Marlon 
Richardson, Jonathan 
Hernandez, Alfredo 
Teixidor, Kenneth 
Jefferson, Bryant Camara, 
Luis Casado, Miguel 
Gonzalez, Jose Rivera, 
George Siaz, Michael 



Dance Team 

74 New DIrection, New Opportunities 



■ 1 


b c 









^ V 

_ - • 






AluMNi BAskETbAll Game & Golf 

Alumni enjoy a joke at the Fish Fry 

jjjl 76 New DIrectIon, New OpponTUNmES 




AluMNi BAskETbAll Gaivie & Golf 


Florida Memorial's Team shoots a respectable 68 
in the Alumni Golf Tournament. 

Irs. Carlatta Anderson poses with student helpers. 

Players challenge for the ball during 
the women's alumni game. 

Mr. J Walter Hale (I) and Natalie Knight (c) pose with two friends 
at the alumni basketball game. 




y *. >j ' 








New DiRECTioN, New OppoimjNmEs 77 k$f!!?f' 



'H •> , T- 







The ALPHA'S erupt in elation after winning 
the Homecoming Step Show. 

Jerry Clerveaux is hoisted by his brothers 
after he wins the Mr. Homecoming crown. 

Homecoming contestants await the results patiently. 

78 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 

Halftime entertainment. 

FMU's mascot poses with 
this basketball fan. 

Moshi Bernard poses with 
her crew of friends. 

k 1 


BAskETbAll & HoiviECOiviiNq WInners 

Mr. & Miss Homecoming 2005-2006 

Team FMU says a prayer to ignite the competitive spirit 

Ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho take home 
the Homecoming step crown. 

Outgoing Mr. and Miss Homecoming 

s. Air Jordan 

! i 




lAi"' f " 









New DIrection, New OppoRTUNmEs 79 


5^ "^> \ .\ .i" 

— ««ni 









Team FMU 

What a jump shot! 


Women's basketball team 

80 New DjrectIon, New Opportunities 

What a drive 

Who's open? 


Kwanzaa Kings and Queens 

Kwanzaa drama performer. 

Kwanzaa dancer. 

Shaka Zulu 

Essence of Africa 

Kwanzaa dance group. 

New direction, New OppoRTUNmES 81 

^H v'( 



< v A 

■ m 







6 W- -i V 

I3ra ^A 











Students of Alpha Kappa Mu lend their support 
to the Kwanzaa celebrations. 

Bahamian Junkanoo Band 

What are these Bahamians laughing at? 

Gospel Choir spiritually uplifts the crowd. 


1 Vji 



p >i 

Kwanzaa drummer 

82 New DjrectIon, New Opportunities 

s. Patricia Warren 

ss FMU Candice Trim 




PAVAC Dancers 

Tt ' W 

_ Till '.^•'uZr* 



Students endulged in the free food 

^ -^ 

7, * v ' i 

These Haitian students 

The BEEPERS relaxed 

Saints on the Move for Christ 

Students from the Virgin Islands 

The women of Bermuda 






sg. . _-""<i 







live to «• 

New direction, New OppoRTUNmEs 85 LSfU 







■5^ ' • \ v 

HoiviECOiviiNq Concert 

Bahamian Delta Beauties turn up 
to support the Homecoming Concert. 

These Caribbean students had a ball of a time 
during the performance of Elephant Man. 

r. and Mrs. Brian Phillip 

84 New Djrectjon, New OppoRTUNmES 

Bajan rocking to dancehall tunes 

Elephant Man 

Mr. Vernon Martin with Gerald Levert 


HoMECOMJNq Concert 



^5 r ° 

Ins 6 1 f/S 


r* H 

- iffffi* 


Enjoying the show 

R&B singer Gerald Levert 

r. Walker with Elephant Man 

Students emulate dance moves of Elephant Man. 

Faculty and staff posed with Gerald Levert 






^ V 




New DiREdioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 85 ^jPL/' *$kl 


A nn 



HoiviECOiviiNq PAqEAivr 

This bevy of babes poses 
after the Homecoming Pageant. 

Contestants enter the pageant 

She is catering to her man. 


' m 1 

Kj 1 . 


^ 1 

Friends enjoy the Homecoming Pageant 

Jammin' at Sweet Tuesdays 

Moshi Bernard 

*' x ' %m ®° New Direction, New Opportunities 

J, ■ 


Nice smile! 


Jazz Band and Steel Band 

liss Homecoming pampered Egyptian style 
by Mr. Homecoming contestants 


„ - ^^^^ 



, -> m 


r* / 

^rii ^V ■«P r F 



America's Next Top Model Contestant 

Poetry by Jerry Clerveaux 

Wooing the crowd with that sweet voice! 

New DiRECTioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 87 









^ V i 











Step Show 


The ALPHA'S had a magnificent performance. 

Ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho 

The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma entertained the crowd! 

88 New DirectIon, New OppoRTUimiEs 

Dam she ugly! 

Getting ready 

Dr. Marty Pinkston with Levert 


Step Show 

Sigma Gamma Rho 

Thank you, we know we were good 

The suave brothers of Kappa's had a spectacular night! 






■ J^H^v v^-3 


-- f ^| *^^H 


-^M ^^k .- ™ 


m • 

^S**.. 'J '■ 

- .iw 7 i y ^-/ffi- *■ 

Elft '''' ; '■■ ' '^ " eft" 316 

/■^*T*^*'/''VH^' : >, "& 

■ •'^ijg&^'jjf ^^s^^fe 

ff b V^A^rif 

-iJSjl^ '^/^- '■■' A 

S- 'VwK^l^'* 


- MM " "° j 

No you didn't! 

The unmasking of the Kappa 
















New DiRECTioN. New OppoRTtNmEs 89 9g£^iM 


TAilqATiNq Party 

90 New DIrectIon, New OppoRTUNmES 

TAilqATJNq Party 


Kappa's brothers chilling. 

Omega's barking 

Sigma crew old and young 

Sigma's jerking 




','; ilV& 








^ ^« 





IJM ^ 


■ Ji 


^ ' 







New DiRECTioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 91 E5ft<* 










fe*. 2 




it^p (1 -"P- 




«» i 

^tfl / vT'^W^^B 

«** 1 1 I 

MM Vf \ i / ^ 


w Vn 

Tv^ff ^j 

* * % 

•1 Aj 

■y" >| 




•• ; 



k ^-'j» 

* ^ 


i ^ 

r V M 

' ^ ^^. <B 




■— ' -■- 




it ^^ 


buildinc diversity 



*"* \^H 


[ < 





-■-■ . 




< 9fc 



.'•: '.f 



. ^ 


President of Florida Memorial University Dr. Albert E. Smith 
and his wife Mrs. Smith at the head table. 

Dr. Karl S. Wright and Honors Council VP Leonardo 
Rabathaly with newest members of the honors program. 

Pilot Barrington Irving, SGA President Jacques Wright 
and Miss Homecoming Nancy Boursiquot. 





Keynote speaker, former LA Lakers Star, 
Ervin "Magic" Johnson. 

Members of the Jazz Band & FMU's 
steel pan band perform at the dinner. 

iJwL <* - ^^B 

Miss FMU Candice Trim, former Ms. Sophomore 
Heather Jones and Miss. Senior Lavern Martin. 

Two members of the steel pan take a break 
to enjoy the dinner. 

(from left) Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis, Doris Williams 
and Hilary J. Hixon. 

94 New DIrectIon, New OppoRTUNmEs 

BUck Executjve ExchANqE PRoq 

FMU students complete a grueling day of golf 
at the Doral Golf Course with BEEP Executives. 

Athena Smith Jackson and Mark V. 
onteverdi pose after she accepts her 
Director of the Year Award. 

U.P.S executives listen to featured speaker. 




■ - 



Dr. Karl S. Wright addresses executives and students 
at the opening of B.E.E.P 2005 

FMU contingent toast to a great opening to 
BEEP 2005 at the Eden Roc Hotel & Spa. 

Zuleka Fraser sits in on executive work shop. 

FMU'S case study team: from left Athena Smith Jackson, 

Pearline Richardson, Ida Jones, Indira Capron, Reyna 

Ambrose, Zuleka Fraser, and Steven Davis. 

Latoya Jackson, Ida Jones and Tiffany Dean 
elegantly dressed for gala dinner. 

Brady and Grady Wright are privileged to 

introduce keynote speaker Marc H. 

Morial, President & CEO of the National 

Urban League. 

FMU Alumnus Willie D. Harris, SITC Director. 

New DinECTioiM, New OppoRTUNmEs 95 

CARibbEAN International BaII 

Dr. Harold R. Clarke and Mrs. Anita Clarke support the 
CISA scholarship ball. 

Attorney Marlon Hill, CISA Vice President and actor extra- 
ordinaire, Arnold Viera and CISA President Dequan Walker. 

Dr. Karl S. Wright poses with Janelle Williams (left) and 
Mandisa Edwards. 


The beautiful ladies of the CISA. 

The scholarship winners: (from left) Marlon Hill, Karinda 

Warner, Arnold Viera, Samuel Adeboga, Esther Fraser, 

Rhevelle Mitchell, Dequan Walker and Steven Davis. 

The Board of CISA. 

Ms. Chenita Hunt captivates the audience 
with her sultry vocals. 

96 New DIrection, New Opportunities 

Career Fajr 

Students listen attentively to career advice. 

SGA Vice President Jamal Mayberry chats with 
Ocean Bank employees. 

^H ^v'^— — E*I 

_ [' : ^1 

L ^ 1 

t F 

- ■ 

■ E 
1 E 
1 X 
1 T 

1 N 

I G 

II u 

[ 1 

1 s 

1 H 

E E 

1 R 


Students sign in with Athena Smith Jackson 
and Steven Davis 

Fjrst b\dy LacHes hducTioN 

Mrs. Sadie Smith pins new inductee. 

Miss Athena Jackson 
congratulates new inductee. 

Mrs. Sadie B. Smith welcomes new 
inductee Miss Jerakhine Mills. 

Mrs.Sadie Smith B. lights the symbolic candles. 

A poem of strength and beauty is read by Gregoryia Knowles to mir- 
ror the qualities of a First Lady Ladies. 

New DinECTioiM, New Opportunities 97 

FouncIers DAy 

Students from our Latino Community. 

These gentlemen are tasked to hand out memorabilia pins. 

l-r) Dr. Mary A. O'Banner, Dr. Karl S Wright and Dr. Robert B. 
Ingram exit after the historic ceremony comes to an end. 

These students are elegantly dressed for 
the historical moment. 

Camille Comas leads the choir in 
another moving performance. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha sisterhood. 

i2 j.^F^^BB^.-sJi.^r^" 

(l-r) Miss Frances Fertil, Tweedia Hillman and Ginette Vaval. 

98 New DJRECTioiM, New Opportunities 

GRAduATioN . . . 200 5 

Students toast to their future success. 
(Hope it is non alcoholic). 

jj». _• B>^^^! u 


f / u ■■ L 

1 / ■ ■ m 


Students from the Business Division finally get their 
ticket to the corporate world. 

Dr. Ben Wongsaroj congratulates his student from 
the Computer Science Division. 

Ryan Seymour gets his graduation diploma from Dr. Smith. 

lac Kensly Cox and Ryan Seymour 
of the Aviation Department. 

Harold Valin and Roma Sedano wave 
good bye to 4 years of sacrifice and success. 

Shakera Bucknor displays that smile that will 
help on her future ventures. 

Students of the Bahamian Connection graduate 
from the rigorous Science Division. 

New direction, New OppoRTUNmEs 99 

GRAduATioN . . . 200 5 

Born together, 
life's challen 

graduating together, meeting 
ges as twin sisters forever. 



^j jHmJfe 





fiA "* 

(I) Former SGA Vice President Keith Norman and SGA 

President Brandon Cloman taking their skills gained in FMU 

to a new chapter of life. (Congress Maybe??) 


■ "** il 


Bwl W ^« 





^^*"* ^ H 

These two friends happy to be graduating together. 

Couple graduate together. 

Hi 40 

• o 

*> j^ 

V ^ 

wl ¥ k 



After a solid education, Cindy Khan decided to pursue 
graduate studies. 

Keron Sealy graduates with distinction from the 
Psychology department. Headed to graduate school. 

These two friends display their brotherhood of friendship. 

100 New Direction, New OppoRTUNmES 

GreeI<s: AlphA Phi AlphA RenaIssance 

The 23 Resurrected Pharaohs at their come out show. 

Forget the aces and tails, the teens do it better! 

Bro. Franklin Clarke ( Delta Psi 1956) at the 
Delta Psi come out show. 

Alphas ranking on the Ques. It's all love though. 

Hughrohn Chase taking his mask off. 


Arlan Augustin (I) and Dwight Arscott 

Alphas stepping out! 

New DiREcrioN, New OpportunMes 101 

GreeI<s: DeIta SiqMA T^eta WeeI< 

Mardi Gras in the Delta Quarters (l-r); #14 Pamela Layton, 

#19 Christina Fergusson, #23 Janelle Williams, 

#25 Lakeisha McFarland. 

Lean Back and watch the Delta Flame! 

The Final Moment 

Often Imitated but Never Duplicated 

Dance to the Drums 

r. Delta Flame 

Mr. Romance 

Love for Delta 

The Pageant of the Year 
Mr. Delta Flame 

102 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 

GreeI<s: Phi Beta SiqMA 

Spring 2005 Phi Beta Sigma Probate show: Kern Brathwaite #1, 

Clifford Stevens #2, Jose Rivera #3 , Tyson Johnson #4, Andre 

Beauford #5, Carl cooper # 6, William Richards #7. 

The members of Phi Beta Sigma preparing 
for a sigma step. 

This is the zenith the show. The brothers are finally intro- 
duced as the newest members of the Phi Beta Sigma Beta 
Pi Chapter as they remove the masks. 

B ^P 

E % 


Each member of phi beta sigma fraternity incorporated 
participating in their national three step. 

New DJRECTJON, New OppoRTUNmEs 107 

GreeI<s: Step Show 

The Sigmas perform a sorority routine. 

Brothers shaking that mid section 

Kappa Alpha Psi trying to out jump the competition (l-r) 

Richard W. Morris Jr., Darnley Daniels, Mike Philome, 

and Mikel Frazier. 

Gamma Beta Chi National Service Fraternity Inc. (l-r): 

Willie Shannon, Gerald Oliphant, Darryl Efford, Danny 

Pickard, Jumane Melville, and Kenrick Dunkley. 


of the Ka 
about to 

ppa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated 
"unmask" their step routine. 






. * 

I M 



The step routine outlasts the competition and 
cups them the first prize. 

That was one heck of a performance from the 
men in red, white and black! 

Eventually winners, brothers from the Sigma crew 
of Florida Atlantic University took top honors. 

104 New Djrectjon, New OppoRTLNmES 

HeaIt^ Fajr 

Student talks health. 

Miss Veronica Ricketts inspects the display of 
one the invited health organizations. 

Hillary Hixon and a student talk to an FIU student 
about health issues. 

Workers from Christ Crusaders bring a Christian 
perspective to the health. 

This Alpha Chi student is ensuring 

her back and spine are in 

perfect alignment. 

Students discover the science of chiropractic medicine. 

New DiREciioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 105 

Honor SocIetIes 


a i^^ 


I- *>' 1 



^ V^_ 4 


Alpha Chi board members 2005-2006 

2005-2006 Alpha Chi inductees. 

Board of Alpha Kappa Mu: (l-r) Advisor Dr. Sandra T. Thompson, 

Michelle Trim, Tammy Williams, Kerrin Phillip, Sharifa Connor, 

Patrice Mark, Derecia Walkine, and Natalie Bruce. 


LU — 


lembers of the Honor Society pose 
with board members. 

New inductees pose with professors in the 
Computer Science Division. 

Dr. Robert Steinhoff receives UPE pin from Ahmad Gallon. 

FGLSAMP participants (seated l-r): Pierre Point du Jour, Raymond 

Thomas, Ms. Marlou Carswell, Kiesha Pierre, (first row l-r): Brenda 

Margolles, Asha Brito, Michelle Trim, Dr. Joshua Murfree, Shannon 

Williams, Kerrin Phillip, Dr. Thomas Snowden. (second row l-r): Leonardo 

Rabathaly, Dr. Sarah Umphress, Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin, Tricia Alexander, 

Sean Cranford, Ahmad Gallon, Mandisa Edwards, Gary Roberts. 






Ralph Turner, FGLSAMP Director (r) and Dr. Humphries, 

former President of FAMU (I) presenting Mandisa Edwards 

with her 1st place award for Chemistry Orals. 

106 New DirectIon, New Opportunities 

Honor SocIetjes 

Honors ancJ AwarcJs DAy 


Graduating senior, Chelsea 

Jones receives a medal from Dr. 

Karl S. Wright 

Lisa Irish, most outstanding student in 

the Natural Sciences Division 

receives her award from Dr. Stiffin 

Karun Wongsaroj receives 

his certificate from 

President Smith 

Social Sciences Chair, Dr. Mary 

Williams presents award to Janelle 

Williams, most outstanding student in 

the Social Sciences Division 



Dr. Raymond Cain presents the 

Aviation Student of the Year Award 

to Miss Vena Semynet. 

lost outstanding Humanities student, 

Joanna Shortt (r) with Dr. Jong-Ebot, 

Chair of the Humanities Division 

Honors Program freshmen. 

New honors program inductees and board 
pose with faculty members. 


Raymond Thomas (r) receives the award for Senator of the 
Year from former SGA Vice President Keith Norman. 


Members of the SGA board show off their awards, (l-r): Mr. 

Vernon Martin, Shatawn Reid, John Graham, Jacques Wright, 

Gerald Oliphant, Brandon Cloman, Jamal Weldon, Jennifer 

Alexandre, Mathew Tisdol, Keith Norman and Ian Dixon. 


Brandon Cloman and Keith Norman express their 
appreciation to Mrs. Yvonne Bendross. 

Group hug to the most omnipresent and hard working man 
behind the SGA and student affairs, Mr. Vernon Martin. 

New DiRECTioN, New Opportunities 107 

MiAMi CarnjvaI 

Mother and daughter enjoy the carnival. 

This young man losses himself in the mass. 

Carnival reporter chats with this Caribbean celebrity. 

Purple and green revelers. 

Florida Memorial University students 
enjoy the "Socavivor" fete. 

International Jamaican star "Shaggy" being 
interviewed by Peter C. Lewis. 

FMU students at the "Socavivor" fete. 

Exodus Pan Players. 

108 New DIrection, New Opportunities 


Candice Trim being assisted by her makeup crew. 

Miss Michelle Dawson helped by her friend Cynthia Allen. 

Miss. Candice Trim performs a heartfelt monologue. 

Miss Kaivon Thompson displays her dancing talent. 

Outgoing queen Miss Jennifer Alexandre 
says her last goodbyes. 

Students of the Trinidad & Tobago student Association make 
their presence felt to support their queen. Miss Candice Trim. 

Pageant director, Paul Regis, thanks his staff 
for a job well done. 

Each queen is shown to the audience: (l-r) Michelle Dawson, 
Kemba Marcano, Kaivon Thompson, and Candice Trim. 

New direction, New OpponTUNmEs 109 

OiskCAMpus CoMMUNfry Servjce 


■'ML 1 

Students bravely line up to give blood. 

Members of the Gospel Choir lend their 
voices to the cause. 

Alpha Chi member Janelle Williams and Honors Council 

member Kiesha Pierre hard at work for 

Habitat for Humanity. 

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity help out the 
Alpha Chi Honor Society at the blood drive. 

Shakera Bucknor helps paint house 
for the Habitat for Humanity. 

Members of the CISA, TATSA, Honors Program and Alpha 

Chi pose with two workers from the Habitat for Humanity 

after they complete their painting duties. 

The painted house is for a single parent mother of two. 

Dale Russell helps out the cafe. 

110 New DiREcrioN, New OppoRTUNmEs 

SteeI Pan 

A passionate performance by Tripoli Steel Orchestra 

at the Trinity Cathedral as the steel drum is 

played in church for the first time. 

Sherrese Moise, Shenelle 

Abraham and Dr. Dawn 

Batson at the 2005 MTV 

Video Music Awards. 

FMSB poses with Ken "Professor" Philmore 

Tennjs CllNIC 

Lion's Tale Editor, Nathanael Paul juggling 
the tennis ball during warm up. 

Tennis coach teaches players to develop balance 
and pose by juggling tennis ball. 

UNCF^PAC Coherence 

Florida Memorial University beats out the competiton 
to win Pre-Alumni Council of the Year. 

The Wright brothers lead 

a seminar at the 

UNCF-PAC Conference, 

in Houston Texas. 

The victorious team of the Pre-Alumni Council. 

New DiREcrrioN, New OpportunMes 111 

StucIent LiFe 



Students hang out by the humanities building. 

Carmon Rolle plays the piano. 

Students enjoy come out show. 

These Deltas make their presence felt. 

r m 




These gorgeous sisters came out to support the ALPHAs. 

The AKAs come out to support their brothers. 

The Kappas also krashed the party. 

Friends pose with their Alpha brothers. 

112 New DjrectIon, New Opportunities 

StucJent LiFe 

Sorority unity. 

Enjoying the cool spring season. 

Students dance to the hip styles of Christian R&B music. 

Haitian students raise funds from their food sale. 

Students chill out by the book store. 

Raising money for the band. 

Students eat, do home work and 
chill out by the Lehman building. 

m- t **^i 

JSA students promoting their club. 

New DinECTioiM, New OppoRTurgmEs 115 

StucJent Government WeeI< 

Mr. Brian Phillip gives an informative workshop 
on financial planning and budgeting. 

Hey we gonna have a good time 
at the expense of the SGA! 

Mr. Vernon Martin shows some love 
to the Bahamian Connection. 

Those beautiful Caribbean girls. 

Man I should have gone to the NBA. 

Me and my girl are gonna shoot up some dinosaurs. 

Does Ian Dixon think he is Superman? 

We so fine 

114 New DIrectIon, New Opportunities 


Mr. J. Walter Hale crowns Miss Cynthia Allen 
as the new Miss Pre-Alumni Council 

".•^•y ^m 



Wt^ &^7 



^m^^ 1 

^r J&^ ^H 


■ 1 

1 ' 1 

Miss PAC Cynthia Allen, Dr. Karl S. Wright and 
Miss UNCF Doreece Robinson. 

Miss Natalie Knight poses with Miss UNCF. 

Ian Dixon, Julio Giron and Wyatt Payne. 

iss Cynthia Allen poses with members of her family. 

liss UNCF and Miss PAC with members of the SGA. 

Miss UNCF and Miss PAC pose with members of the Board of The Pre-Alumni Council. 

New DiRECTioN, New OppoirnjNmES 115 

atural Disasters Haunt America 


Hurricane Katrina flooded the 
^SJMVPb*teatfihg^ path of destruction 
not seen for decades on U.S. soil. 

Story by Esther Fraser 

On the heels of the tsunami disasters in Asia in December 200 

\ 2005 ushered in a year of natural disasters with massive propoi 

The hurricane season was an unusually busy one with recori 

~~- being broken for the most ever named storms as well as the mos 

Kferjsliorms reaching category five proportions. The huge storms that 

5$- : the U.S. in 2005 were Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita. 

. tz. No one can forget the utter devastation in Louisiana: the flood 

le, the loss of homes, and the maelstrom of f 

ning that followed in the wake of Hurricane K 

We will not forget images of long lines of traffic on the interstat 

wa -■■«■" < •- - " — ' - 

jaders and 
sim wed soli 
darity a^jByteern to the 

folks T 
SuperdonTO ; 




"~r\ r I r I " ' [ i •--■ r ^ 1 n £j cjl_l iii _Fiui'iliii Yl't Y/lXil'l lllX'-'tl llX't iuil' J iiilSi) 1DX '^HD. 

1'1't iuiil y/iiitx, iijiil iht tiifi'cv/ii iimjy-j'cil usi U3.. tuid iiit puiiipLuii- 

llltlil UI ihllhjY/tZllj ill! lillt lit llllXXiltiiSXi: V/iljJii!. 

Security guard suveyed the devastation 
of Hurricane Wilma at FMU 

US' UJiiV-U J/J-SjJ /\j x JX 

n Rights Mov 

This mother's face describes 
the anguish suffered by Wilma. 

"i| y/njjlf p .m 

& r r i f- r i 


Coretta Scott King*, 

I than 

b attaclfSy-orrLofluort's _ V 

ort networftkilLed more 'la^P' 

30 people and injured l^^MM 


about 700 oth 

Story by Keith Morren 

Two of the most revered and humble servants of 
the human rights movement passed away within 
weeks of each other. Theirs is a story that has affected 
every African American in contemporary America. 

One December evening in 1955, in a racist Alabama, 
a 42 year old woman boarded a bus after a long day 
at work. The intricacies of the situation dictated that 
she give her seat up to whites if the bus was crowded. 
She refused, with the driver threatening her with the 
words: "Well, I'm going to have you arrested," and 
she replied, "You may go on and do so." Little did hi 
realize that his heinous act would start a firestorm 
that would burn the system of segregation to ashes 

Coretta Scott King also grew up in Alabama. 1__- 
assassination of her husband, Martin Luther King Jr. ttj* 
was a tragic loss that could have broken her. Instead, \ " 
ms death drove her to march forward with the dream. «£* 
of a unified America. She has written books, was 
active in several human rights movements and 
traveled the world carrying the message of her late 
'"-"at husband. 

On October 8, 2005, Pakistan and parts of India 

were rocked by a massive earthquake measuring 

7.6 on the Richter scale. 

Present and former US 
presidents pay last respects 
le. Pope John Pf 

Johnnie Cochran 

Lou Rawls 

Luther Vandross 

i Ossie Davis 




Peter Jennings 


Richard Pryor 

Johnny Carson 



enjoyed huge success with 
their album X&Y. 

old country crooner from, 
Oklahoma, won the title of the 
hit Fox talent show. 

'album, | 
produced the most played 
radio hit ever, 'We belong 

The Black Eyed Peas had 
a break out year. 

jO J&ve Microsoft a jump 
a tead of its main rival 
SONY in the console wars 

At the height oHffssuccess, Dave 

Chapelle disappeared, provoking 

rumors in the media that he had a 

nervous mental breakdown. 

Michael Jackson said beat it 

to several child molestation 

charges and abduction. 

Kanye West departed from 

the script at the Red Cross 

Fundraiser for Hurricane 

Katrina victims. 

OF 2005 


Wedding Crashers 

Diary of a Mad 
Black Woman 

War of the Worlds 

Star Wars 

King Kong 

Batman Begins 

The 40 Year Old Virgin 

The Four Brothers 

March of the Penguins 

Hustle and Flow 

lartha Stewart was freed from pris 
in March for her role in the inside 
[ding scandal. Her infamy helped ere 
her version of The Apprentice. 


The revolutionary iPod got 
in price and size, creating a ne 
world of iPod lovers 




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Tyler Perry's Movie hat 

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i four years, 
fe New England 
atriots were the last team 
standing in football as they beat 
Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21. 

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earns 3rd 


championship in seven years. 

' Woods won in a 
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Jimarco on a dra- 
matic final day at Augusta 
to win his 9th Major. 


Lance Armstrong won an 
unprecedented 7th Tour 
de France. 

The Chicago^Vhite Sox i 
cised some demons by win*'* 
ning the World Series for the 

first time since 1917 by 
sweeping the Houston Astros. 


Who was crowned Miss Florida Memorial University 2005- 
2006? Which one of our music bands appeared on the MTV 
Music Awards? Which movies did we flock to the theaters to 
watch? Who died, who succeeded, who failed? 

This is the aim of any year book - an attempt to highlight 
the stories worth remembering. A look past our shoulders to 
the images that brought tears to our eyes and the experiences 
on our campus that inspired us to laugh out loud and scream 
with joys of elation. 

On behalf of Student Publications, I am honored to dedi- 
cate this yearbook to our esteemed president, Dr. Albert E. 
Smith, whose thirteen year tenure is setting on the horizon like 
a golden, Florida sunset. 

As a student, I endorse the historic upgrade of our institution to Florida Memorial University; 
the completion of the Lou Rawls Performing Arts Center and myriad other buildings; the beauti- 
fication improvements; the Education and MBA Graduate programs and expanded student enroll- 
ment, as significant achievements under his presidential reign. 

This year we worked relentlessly to improve the year book. It was our goal to include as many 
faces on this campus. Some of you shied away from my lens, while others were naturals in front 
of the camera. Nevertheless, for those whose beautiful smiles grace these pages, you are a part of 
something very special and historical. 

I hope you enjoyed all the coverage of events; I personally enjoyed putting together the 
Dedication Page for Dr. Smith and the Faces Section. Working on the Year-in-Review with my edi- 
tor Esther Fraser was also a lot of fun. I enjoyed going to many campus events and even being 
called "Camera Man," "Yearbook Man" and "Paparazzi." My Canon Digital Rebel worked very 
hard during the last year. 

It is now my duty to thank various individuals. I would like to thank my yearbook staff: Nekehia 
Quashie and Esther Fraser for their hard work. This was never a smooth ride, but we did it. I am 
grateful to Miss Ida Jones for extending herself to assist our staff. Special mention is reserved for 
my immediate boss, Miss Sharhonda Ford, the life blood of the Student Publications Division. 
Without her drive and commitment, student publications would be non-existent. I also thank Dr. 
Harold R. Clarke, Jr. for his expertise and input in the affairs of this department. I express gratitude 
to Miss Etta Kelly, Miss Greta Samuels and Dr. Marty R. Pinkston of the Government and Public 
Affairs Division. Your patience and support I will never forget. I must express thanks to Dr. Albert 
E. Smith and Mrs. Sadie B. Smith for allowing me into their inner circle where I have been able to 
capture priceless images of their lives. I also thank the professors: Dr. Olivia Jackson, Dr. Carlos 
Canas, Dr. Raymond E. Cain, Jr., and Dr. Ben Wongsaroj, who manage my academic development at 

Florida Memorial University. 

Lastly I am especially indebted to you, the stu- 
dents of Florida Memorial University. Your role in this 
grand story magnifies the worth of this yearbook. You 
are the most integral element of this community. 
Of I fllS lliZCUHJWri;* Please continue to support the university with your 

participation, so that our lenses are able to capture 
those prized moments that will be etched into the history of Florida Memorial University forever. 

Thank you for the opportunity, it has been a blast! I hope you enjoyed this year's Arch Year 
Book as we have enjoyed creating it. 

Well, in the famous words of Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny of the Looney Tunes: "Tha, tha, that, 
that's all folks." Until next year! 

Keith A. Morren 

The Arch Yearbook 


Professional Pilot Major 

Minors: Math/ International Studies 

foun i*o/e in tAis^/Hincf 





I *■"*.- 


'■■ X M 


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